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Love to cook and hang out with friends? FoodFu Cooking Competition is an real life game that leads you through fun, hands-on culinary battles with friends. It’s like Top Chef or Chopped but in your kitchen.

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Foodfu Cooking Competition App

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How to Play the FoodFu Cooking Competition App:

How to play FoodFu Step 1

You’ll need 4 or 5 friends
and a kitchen to play.

How to play FoodFu Step 2

Choose or randomly select your featured ingredient. Then decide who will cook, who will judge, and who will be the emcee.

How to play FoodFu Step 3

The emcee starts the FoodFu Battle.
The chefs have 45 minutes
to complete 2 dishes.

How to play FoodFu Step 4

Throughout the FoodFu Battle
the emcee will ask the chefs
and judges questions.

How to play FoodFu Step 5

When time is up judges taste the
dishes and score on taste, plating,
creativity, and how well the featured
ingredient was highlighted.

How to play FoodFu Step 6

When the judges have voted
FoodFu announces the winner!

Are you ready to play?

The judges decide the winner based on five criteria:


Completion Time

Did the chef complete their dish on time (before the end of the battle)?



Does the dish look good?



Does it taste good?



Is the secret ingredient used in an interesting and creative way?


Highlighting the Featured Ingredient

Could you really taste the featured ingredient in the dish?

Want to see what it is like to play the FoodFu Cooking Competition App?

Love to Cook & Eat? Play FoodFu.

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