How to Play FoodFu

To play FoodFu you need a kitchen and 4-5 people (2 chefs, 2 judges and one emcee (who can also be a judge)).

Once you have selected your kitchen crew you will pick a featured ingredient. The featured ingredient can be anything edible: potatoes, carrots, beef, ginger, himalayan sea salt, pancetta, etc. You could also pick a type of dish, like pasta or soup, instead of a specific ingredient. If you don’t want to choose your own featured ingredient you can press the Random Ingredient button and one will be chosen for you (you can press the button more than once).

With whatever ingredient you choose the chefs will have 45 minutes to make two servings of a main dish. The chefs need to keep in mind that in order to win they need to win over the judges.

During the 45 minute cooking battle, the chefs and judges will be interviewed by the emcee. The interviews are fun and will let everyone know how the chefs are doing and what the judges think of the food fight.

After the 45 minutes are up the chefs will present and describe their dishes to the judges. Then the judges will select a winner for each criteria. After each judge has anonymously voted the winner will be announced. You’ll be able to share the results with your kitchen crew and with your friends through email, direct message or Facebook.

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The judges decide the winner based on five criteria:


Completion Time

Did the chef complete their dish on time (before the end of the battle)?



Does the dish look good?



Does it taste good?



Is the secret ingredient used in an interesting and creative way?


Highlighting the Featured Ingredient

Could you really taste the featured ingredient in the dish?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who needs the app?

To play FoodFu only one person needs to have the app installed on their iPhone.

Phone Requirements

You’ll need one iPhone 4S or later with at least ios 8. Make sure your phone is fully charged so it will last the full hour of the battle.

What You'll Need

A kitchen with enough space for two people to cook and 4-5 people.

How long does it take?

To play FoodFu it takes about 60 minutes total: 45 minutes of cooking and around 15 minutes of judging.

Who does what?

2 people compete as chefs, 2 people are judges and if you have an extra person they can be the emcee (master of ceremonies) or one of the judges can be the emcee.

How to prepare your kitchen for battle.

45 minutes goes by fast! To allow enough time for the chefs to complete a dish we recommend you:

  • Wash all produce. If garlic or onions are needed remove the outer skins.
  • Set up a station for each chef that includes a cutting board and knife.
  • Get out any additional equipment the chefs will need like pans, bowls and kitchen electronics (food processor, hand mixer, blender, ice cream maker, etc.).
  • Preheat the oven and have water boiling (if needed).
  • Give the chefs a tour of the kitchen so they know where to find things like spices, measuring cups, plating dishes, etc.
  • Have the Chefs wear aprons and have plenty of dish towels around.
Do you need to shop before the battle?

Most likely, yes. We recommend that the chefs bring whatever ingredients they need but check with the host before hand to see if pantry staples like salt, pepper, flour, sugar, dried spices, etc. are already available.

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