FoodFu Celebration Party

We threw a party to celebrate the launch of FoodFu and say thank you to the beta testers and supporters who helped us make FoodFu possible. It was a casual evening with passed appetizers at a private party catered by Sunny Yoga Kitchen. We started the evening with some mingling and then projected a slide show that started with a video clip from the FoodFu Launch that aired on the local news, KTVZ Channel 21. Many of the beta testers showed up in the news clip because the station mined our YouTube channel to tell the story. It was fun to see many of the people at the party in the video. One of the most fun parts of the evening for us was giving out awards with a golden whisk to our beta testers. The golden whisks were a faux gold whisk topped with a tiny gold trophy. They were a little kitsch but fun!


Beta Tester Award Winners:

Most Tied Battles

Adam Mendel

Most Intense Judge

Brett Stokes

Early Adopter

Emily Kotaich

Holy Trinity Award

Kathleen Feredinos Hinman

Craziest Kitchen Technique

Alicia Seversen

Most Creative Plating Technique

Carolyn Stokes

Most Intense Judge

Jeff Hinman

Best Victory Dance

Maria Fernanda Bay

Coolest in the Kitchen

Taylor Rose

Most Wins

Amy Wright

Most Critical Beta Tester

Daniel Bay

Most Intense Emcee

Tim Jones

Most Prolific Beta Tester

Scott Jasinski

Photography: Casa Bay Photography

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