Introducing Challenge A Friend, Finish Early Button & More!


Our first update of the FoodFu Cooking Competition app is available today! If you’ve already have FoodFu on your phone grab your update! If you haven’t downloaded it, what are you waiting for? FoodFu is free and it’s FUN!

We’ve been listening to what you have to say and incorporated your feedback into the update. So what will you find in FoodFu 1.5?

FoodFu 1.5 Challenge a Friend ButtonChallenge A Friend

This powerful, new button will get your FoodFu cooking competitions going. Who do you want to compete against first? or next? Click the “Challenge A Friend” button, enter your friend’s email address and they will receive an email from you challenging them to a game of FoodFu.


Finish Early

It doesn’t happen often but every once in a while the chefs finish before the 45 minutes are up. Now you don’t have to wait until the timer ticks down to end the battle early, you can click the “Finish” button.


Why Isn’t Anyone Clapping?

Originally when FoodFu announced the results of the cooking competition the game clapped with excitement while showing the results. What at first seemed fun quickly turned annoying. So, no more canned clapping! If you miss this feature simply ask your friends to clap.


Photo Guide is Gone

We removed the person icon overlaying the view when photographs are taken because it got in the way and was confusing. Plus, everyone has mastered the selfie, you don’t need us telling you how to take your pics!


Ok, that was the fun stuff. Here are the bug fixes:

  1. Fixed issue with iOS9 where choosing contacts causes the app to crash.
  2. Fixed issue with iOS9 where notifications were not enabled properly.
  3. Fixed issue with iPhone 6+ and iPhone 6s+ showing duplicate screens after taking a photo.
  4. Fixed issue with Scheduling a Battle and it showing an empty Scheduled Battle in the list.
  5. Fixed an issue with Facebook sharing where Facebook now does not let you pre-fill the text for a post.
  6. Fixed layout issues with iPhone 4s where text was truncated or didn’t fit in the space properly.

So there you have it, FoodFu version 1.5. While you are busy enjoying the updates we’ll be busy working on the next version of FoodFu. We’re hoping to add many new features including a friends list, Facebook login, a more streamlined Battle screen, additional Judges, and much more!


Oh! one last thing. Your input is so important to us. If you have any suggestions or comments please let us know.

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