Getting excited about Super Bowl 50? We are! We can’t wait to see who will win the big game! Denver? Carolina? Who are we kidding? We really we want to see who can make the best chicken wings!

Who can make the best chicken wings?


Everyone needs snacks for the big game so we have a great idea. Have a chicken wings cookoff before the game starts. Pregame it with FoodFu!

It’s simple. Which two of your friends love to cook? Ask them if they want to have a chicken wing battle for your super bowl party. Let them know you will provide each of them with 24 (3 lbs.) raw chicken wings with skin. They simply need to bring whatever spices, ingredients, etc. to cook their wings.

Have them come over an hour before the game starts. Before they arrive download the FoodFu app (only one person needs to have the app on their iPhone to play). Now you are ready to play! If you need full details on how to play FoodFu, click here.

As your friends are completing the 45 minute chicken wing battle the rest of your Super Bowl party guests will start arriving. Choose two of them to be the lucky judges. After they taste both finger-licking-good chicken wings let them vote in FoodFu to find out who won!

Someone will have wing bragging rights!


For the rest of the evening someone will have wing bragging rights. Everyone else will enjoy the scrumptious, juicy wings!

Want everyone to see the results of your chicken wing battle? Post a photo of your chicken wings to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #FoodFu #BattleChickenWings


  1. Need recipe ideas? See our Pinterest board.
  2. Wash and dry chicken wings before cooking.
  3. Have plenty of napkins for guests.
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