How to Keep the Holidays Fun with Thanksgiving Games


Let’s be real here: The holidays can be stressful. You are bringing together your extended family who you might not see all the time. This can lead to awkward conversations as you try to find common ground and that’s okay. But guess what? You can create new experiences together that nurture connection and closeness all while having a bit of fun. This is why games are great – they give everyone something to do, and something to talk about.

Games are also a great way to get some physical activity. If your family spends the day together, guests can get antsy just sitting around. Plus, you’ve got that big meal. A little bit of movement will keep everyone occupied and fight off the turkey coma.

And I just want to clarify in case I haven’t been direct enough, playing a holiday game can change the conversation. You might need this trick up your sleeve this year. It’s going to be way too easy for someone to bring up politics – and we all know that never ends with people smiling and changing their beliefs. Seriously, people won’t be able to help themselves. So, if you don’t like what is being said change the conversation. It goes something like this. Your uncle says, “I bet you’re excited about the economy picking up now that Trump is president.” Then you say, “let’s play a game,” and the crisis is averted.


Here is a list of the best thanksgiving games to play with your family:

Snaption Tabletop Game

Ages: 9 – Adult
This is the perfect family game for getting teens to open up (without realizing it’s happening!).

We give this game bonus points because it utilizes technology! Spaption is a tabletop game of fill-in-the-blank captions for your snapshots. It’s a little bit like Madlibs but with your own photos. A player selects a photo from their phone, tablet, wallet, etc. and the other players caption it. A player wins if their caption is selected. This game can be as naughty or nice as your group so it’ll fit with your crowd. Snaption is available online for $19.97.

Family Talk 2

Ages: 6 – Adult
This is a great game to encourage your entire family to communicate. You’ll learn something new about everyone!
This will literally change the conversation. The game includes 100 conversation cards. Players pick a card and read the question. Family members answer so you learn more about them and the conversation keeps rolling. This game will give you some laughs but more importantly it will help you make connections. You can find Family Talk 2 online for $9.99.

Pie Face

Ages: 5 – Adult
This is a great game if you really need some belly laughs and you don’t mind getting a little messy.

This game will have everyone in an uproar, and it has pie in the name so it’s Thanksgiving perfection. You put whip cream on the “hand” of the game and start turning the handle. Every time you turn the handle without getting pie-faced you get a point. Your family will stay in suspense because you never know when the turn of the handle will splat a player in the face. The first player to 25 wins. We give this game extra points for combining dessert with game play. You can find Pie Face online and in stores like Target for $17.48.

Hot Potato

Ages: 4 – Adult
This is the easiest game to play and it gets everyone moving.

This is a classic game almost everyone knows. The beauty of this game is that you don’t need to buy anything special to play (although you can buy Electronic Hot Potato). To play everyone sits in a circle and a potato (or any small object) is passed to each player while music is played. The player who is holding the potato when the music stops is out. This continues until one player is left and declared the winner. You can play for free or if you want an official game you can find it online or in stores like Target for $11.99.

FoodFu Leftover Challenge

Ages 9 – Adult
Perfect for foodies and families who like to hang out in the kitchen.

You probably saw this one coming! FoodFu is perfect for Thanksgiving because you can turn using leftovers into a game. FoodFu is a cooking competition you play in real life, similar to Chopped or Top Chef. Family members compete against one another to see who can make the best dishes with leftovers from Thanksgiving. To play download the app, grab some leftovers and decide who wants to cook in the kitchen. Since it’s Thanksgiving instead of picking two chefs try playing with chef teams. Maybe kids vs. adults? Or Moms vs. Dads? Play to find out whose cuisine reigns supreme! You can find FoodFu for free in the app store.

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